Starburst-RGB 5,500 UD


  • With IP55 rain cover, Unicorn RGB5,500 is the economical yet powerful solution
    for outdoor stage laser applications, outdoor advertising and theme park lighting
  • Optional to build in Pangolin FB4 control interface with network switch for
    professional control and wiring.
  • Compliance: FDA/CDRH and CE.
    Warranty: 24 months parts and labor.




Total laser power : ≥5,500mWMax scan angle :60°
Diode -637 :1,500MwSignal connector : ArtNet,DMX,ILDA
Diode -520 :1,800MwIP :65
Diode -445 :2,200MwTemperature control :Dual constant temperature system
Beam divergence: <1.0mrad(full angle)Operatingtemperature:-10℃-40℃
Modulation :> 100KHzSize :L297 x W428 x H327mm
Modulation way : Linear analog modulationWeight :15.3 kg
Scanner type : PT-A40HPOperating voltage :100-240V50/60Hz
Scanning :35Kpps@8°Power consumption :150W

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