Starburst RGB Laser System

Starburst RGB 5,500

Total power:  RGB-5,500mW
Diode-637nm:  > 1,500mW
Diode-520nm:  > 1,800mW
Diode-445nm:  > 2,200mW
Beam divergence:  < 1.0mrad (full angle)
Beam diameter:  < 4mm
Modulation:  > 100KHz Analog
Scanning:  PT-A40HP, 35kpps, Max scan angle: 60°
Protection rating:  IP 52
Size:  L266 x W219 x H164mm
Weight:  10kg
AC power:  100-240V 50/60Hz
Additional:  Grating



  • Optional to build in Grating wheel, it gives you 3 amazing grating effects, and one empty slot is used during normal laser display, the grating module is DMX controlled.
  • Optional to build in Pangolin FB4, controlling via Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA or SD card etc.
  • Compact size, low weight system, Low divergence < 1.0 mrad (full angle), great for beams and graphics shows.
  • Compliance: FDA/CDRH and CE.
  • Warranty: 24 months parts and labor.

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