Music Culture Industry Expo Chengdu 2018

At this exhibition, LIGHTSPACE presented our laser products for the first time as an exhibitor at the opening ceremony of chengdu exhibition. Starburst RGB 3,000 and Venus RGB 22,000 as the products displayed in this exhibition, its use of pure diode, longer life, higher reliability. Has the practical independent appearance design, the volume is small, convenient carries transportation. It is our great honor to be appreciated by many exhibitors.

During the 3-day exhibition, the audience gained a new understanding of LIGHTSPACE and its laser products after communication with the staff. In addition, after communicating with business partners, we have learned various market information, which is helpful for our company to make targeted marketing strategies and product innovation plans in the future.

With the encouragement, trust and support of customers, LIGHTSPACE will develop higher-quality products and bring more comfortable and satisfying services to customers.


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